Coast Guard announces the construction of Klas Rock Light

Pacific Northwest Coast Guard News
SEATTLE — The U.S. Coast Guard is scheduled to commence construction of the Klas Rock Light, Monday, an aid to navigation structure that will replace Klas Rock’s isolated danger lighted buoy “DK” which marks the southern edge of Mats Mats Bay, Wash.

The new structure will display the same lighting characteristic that is currently shown by the buoy, two white flashes every five seconds (Fl (2) 5s).

Klas Rock is a unique hazard to navigation as maritime traffic flows in many directions about the rocks and shoals. The aid’s position on top of the rock will provide increased visibility to mariners and more precisely mark the hazard.

As a reminder, the Coast Guard publishes, and makes available for the public, a weekly Local Notice to Mariners.  The LNM is a publication that lists conditions of aids to navigation, and announcements for waterway safety.  All LNM’s, Light List, and other navigational information can be found on the Coast Guard’s web site at:

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