Coast Guard announces Barnegat Inlet, New Jersey, safety zone

1st Coast Guard District News

PHILADELPHIA — ThCoast Guard is announcing a safety zone that will be in effect in Barnegat Inlet, New Jersey, beginning as early as Friday and lasting until the Barnegat Inlet north jetty repair project is complete.

A crane barge and a rock barge from Agate Construction, the company contracted to repair the jetty, are expected to arrive as early as Friday and will be spudded down at the inlet’s north jetty, with barge lights illuminated for the duration of the project. The safety zone will be in effect while barges are present.

The navigable channel in Barnegat Inlet is narrow due to shoaling on the south side and in the center. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Dredge,Murden, dredged the shoal to widen the navigable area, but the exact dimensions of the shoaling may change frequently due to natural shifting of the inlet.

The following requirements of the safety zone will be enforced:

  •    Only one vessel will be allowed to transit the vicinity of the barges at any one time.
  •    Vessels shall maintain a distance of at least 100 feet from the work barges and tugs.
  •    Vessels shall not pass or overtake each other while in the vicinity of the work barges and tugs.
  •    All transiting vessels shall maintain minimum safe speed to maintain steerage during the transit.
  •    Recreational activity, including swimming, diving, fishing, mooring and anchoring, is prohibited within Barnegat Inlet.

Such a zone will be in effect and broadcast to maintain the safety of the boating public and the Agate Construction workers on site.

Mariners needing to contact the on-scene tug can contact them on VHF Channel 16. Mariners should monitor VHF channel 16 for updated information on the operation.

If you have any questions regarding the Barnegat Inlet North Jetty repair project, please contact the Waterways Management staff at 215-271-4814 or the Sector Command Center at 215-271-4807. Updates will be published in the Local Notices to Mariners.

The Barnegat Inlet North Jetty was damaged by Hurricane Sandy in October 2012.

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