Coast Guard and local agencies recover remains of missing Coast Guardsman

HAMPTON, Va. – Coast Guard and local authorities have recovered the remains of the missing Coast Guardsman who fell in the water last night during a training mission.

Crews recovered the body in vicinity of the Monitor-Merrimac Bridge Tunnel at approximately 4:15 p.m. Thursday.

The service member went missing at approximately 9:15 p.m. last night during a training exercise with the Coast Guard Cutter Frank Drew.

Coast Guard and Navy boat and air crews, a Coast Guard Dive unit, Navy EOD along with local police and fire departments searched throughout the night and day for the missing service member.

β€œIt is a difficult task to conduct any search and rescue operation, even more so, when it is one of your own that needs help,” said Captain Mark Ogle, Commander, Coast Guard Sector Hampton Roads.

The name of the Coast Guardsman is being withheld until final Next of Kin notifications are completed

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  1. Joshua & Michelle Adams says:

    Thankfully he was found but, sadly lost his life. To his family and friends: I send my deepest sympathy and may God bless you all through this tough time. You’re in our thoughts & prayers! Joshua & Michelle Adams -CG Air Sta. Elizabeth City, NC

  2. Micah Hoevelman says:

    Rest in peace, shipmate. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

    Former MSST GM2 sends.

  3. Tom Niziol says:

    Why did he not have a life vest on? Arent these boys supposed to be able to swim? So many unanswered questions, I am overcome with grief!!

  4. cgnews says:

    As I understand it, he was wearing an inflatable life vest, but he was also wearing over 60 Pounds of gear. We’ll all have to wait for the investigation to find out what happened.

  5. John Edwards says:

    In 1969 while under fire in Viet Nam we were required to don Flack Jackets (heavy) and work life vests over that with hard hat. I’m sure if we went down it would have been hard to get back to the surface for air!

  6. Tom Niziol says:

    Im sorry, why would he have 60lbs of gear on again? We were under attack? I dont recall us being under attack. If he did indeed have an alleged 60lbs of some sort of unidentified gear on, why wouldnt someone supervising these boys say.. ” Son, step back from the railing” Im just sayin…

  7. cgnews says:

    Petty Officer Lin was a Maritime Enforcement Specialist (ME) assigned to Maritime Safety and Security Team New York. He fell from a ladder into the James River while attempting to transfer from a Maritime Safety and Security Team 25-foot small boat to the Coast Guard Cutter Frank Drew during a training exercise. NOTE: He was transferring from a small boat onto a much larger boat and slipped and fell from the ladder, is not a matter of “step away from the rail:. The 60 pounds of gear is standard equipment for ME’s