Coast Guard and Intermec to Develop Mobile Marking System

EVERETT, WA – Intermec Inc. today announced that it will design, build and test a new single process, mobile marking system with the United States Coast Guard (USCG) Aircraft Repair and Supply Center (ARSC) that will apply human and machine-readable part identification markings to USCG flight safety critical aircraft parts (FSCAP). Marking the parts for electronic tracking will give the USCG immediate access to their Aviation Logistics Management Information System (ALMIS), so assets can be deployed quickly and easily in combating threats to the United States.

The system will allow the USCG to apply Unique Identification (UID) markings to over 98 percent of the flight safety critical aircraft parts in USCG warehouses. Additionally, the system will verify mark quality, be capable of generating RFID tags, interface with the USCG Aviation Logistics Management Information System and provide updates to the DoD’s UID Registry and the Wide Area Work Flow (WAWF).

“This new marking system is needed to break down the last major impediment to the government’s UID program, which calls for the application of machine-readable markings to over 98,000,000 parts by year 2010,” said Terry Boyce, Project Lead for the ARSC’s Safety Critical Aircraft Part Marking Program.

A ruggedized Intermec CV60 touch screen computer with electronic data input capability and user friendly software will drive the system and enable operators to quickly and accurately identify proper marking techniques by part category. The software also features pre-established marking parameters, on-line user instructions and electronic links to applicable Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and government requirements documents.

Intermec will deliver the first system in March 2007, provide training to USCG operators and participate in initial marking operations to ensure the USCG’s ability to mark all flight safety critical aircraft parts.

Information derived from this project will be shared with the DoD and NASA as part of a cooperative agreement to support direct part marking initiatives as they relate to Homeland Security and National Defense.

Source: Intermec Press Release

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