Coast Guard airlifts injured fisherman

BOSTON -Coast Guard crews airlifted an injured fisherman from a 64-foot fishing vessel about 80 miles east of Providence Town, Mass., Monday.

The Coast Guard received a call that the fisherman had hydraulic fluid in his eye and needed medical attention.

A Falcon jet aircrew from Air Station Cape Cod, Mass., was diverted from a routine flight and arrived on scene with the vessel around 9:20 a.m.

Once the Falcon crew located the vessel, a Jayhawk helicopter crew launched from Air Station Cape Cod.

The Jayhawk crew hoisted the fisherman and transported him to Massachusetts General Hospital for further treatment.

“It was a straight forward rescue,” said Lt. Doug Atkins, aircraft commander of the Jayhawk helicopter. “The Falcon aircrew located the fishing vessel, which allowed us to arrive promptly on scene with our helicopter. We then were able to transport the fisherman to the hospital for further treatment.”

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