Coast Guard advises Southern California of Storm

SAN DIEGO – The U.S. Coast Guard urges mariners and beach goers to exercise caution when venturing out, as the National Weather Service has issued severe marine weather for Southern California during this week’s storm.

A strong Pacific storm will impact areas along the San Diego coast bringing wind, periods of heavy rain, thunderstorms possible waterspouts and high surf.

Boaters are urged to stay docked in harbor when these conditions are present. If it is necessary to get underway, mariners are urged to check that all of their safety equipment is on board and in good condition.

Steps mariners can take for safer boating:

  • There should be a personal flotation device onboard for each person, sized accordingly.
  • If boaters will be traveling offshore, it is strongly recommended that there be an immersion suit or other full-body protection, as water temperatures will be cold, and hypothermia can quickly overtake the average person.
  • Mariners should check current and forecasted weather conditions prior to getting underway, and remain aware of changing conditions once on the water. The National Weather Service broadcasts weather conditions throughout the day on VHF channel WX2. The Coast Guard broadcasts weather conditions on VHF channel 22A at 9:30 a.m., noon, and 4:30 p.m.
  • Mariners are advised to file a Float Plan with a friend or neighbor detailing the itinerary of a planned voyage along with the description of the vessel, equipment, and crew.

Recently, the Coast Guard, along with State and Local lifeguard agencies took part in several search and rescue efforts involving people entering the water. Tragically, some of these cases resulted in fatalities.

Even the strongest swimmers can quickly be overtaken by the power of the sea, especially when cold-water temperatures are factored in.

For more information on weather conditions in the San Diego area, please visit: National Weather Service advisories.

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