Coast Guard advises safety for recreational mariners in Ohio River Valley

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PITTSBURGH — The Coast Guard advises safety for recreational mariners along the Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio rivers, near Point State Park due to congestion in the waterway.

“To help ensure safety and facilitate commerce on our three rivers, we would ask all recreational boaters to remain outside the navigable channel unless transiting through the area,” said Lt. Eric Jesionowski, chief of prevention, Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit Pittsburgh. “Please stay clear of commercial vessels. Mooring in the navigable channel is prohibited and puts your life at risk.”

Commercial vessels, such as towing and large passenger vessels, have limited maneuverability and visibility, especially during transit under bridges or in congested navigation areas. Their ability to stop takes time and it may take several hundreds of feet to stop the forward momentum.

To ensure you remain outside the navigable channel, we ask you to use the bridge pilings to gauge whether you are inside the navigable channel. Please remain shore side of the central two bridge pilings, ensuring the safety of mariners, other recreational boaters, and yourself on the three rivers.

If you have any questions regarding safely navigating around the bridges of the Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio Rivers contact Lt. Ariana Mohnke at 712-644-5808 ext. 2121 or

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