Coast Guard activates Vessel Traffic Service in Louisville, Ky

Louisville, KY – The Coast Guard today activated the Vessel Traffic Service here restricting the mobility of mariners until water levels between Twelve Mile Island Mile 593 and McAlphine Lock and Dam Mile 606 on the Ohio River recede.

VTS Louisville is activated when the water level at the upper gauge of McAlpine Dam is at 13 feet and rising. The VTS remains in operation until the water level falls below 13 feet. Restrictions apply to towing vessels of eight meters approximately 26 feet or more in length, passenger vessels certificated to carry 50 or more passengers, and power-driven recreational vessels measuring 20 meters 65 feet or more in length.

During periods of high water, applicable vessels must check-in and comply with VTS Louisville directions to ensure the safe routing of vessel traffic through the waterway. VTS Louisville broadcasts safety and vessel traffic information on marine band VHF-FM Channel 13 156.650 MHz.

Recreational vessels less than 20 meters in length are exempt from VTS Louisville check-in procedures but must comply with any directions given by VTS Louisville.

All boaters are reminded to navigate with caution when near locks, dams and commercial vessels, and to always carry and use properly fitting, Coast Guard approved life jackets.

The Coast Guard is continuing to monitor Ohio River stages to ensure the safe transit of all mariners through the affected area. Additional safety information as well as VTS Louisville User Manuals can be downloaded from the following websites:

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