Coast Guard Academy’s Model United Nations Club earns accolades

Coast Guard Academy News
NEW LONDON, Conn. — The Model U.N. club announced that they recently earned a Distinguished Delegation Award acknowledging a second place finish out of 18 schools at the Northwest Model United Nations Conference in Seattle, Nov. 15-18, 2012.

The conference is billed as “the premier Model United Nations conference in the Pacific Northwest – a forum that cultivates international awareness and understanding, and provides diverse opportunities for educational and cultural enrichment, as well as professional growth.”

Eight cadets participated and their combined efforts helped the club achieve this great milestone:

First Class Cadet Geoy Thomas (Club President)
Second Class Cadet Jerry Hong (Head Delegate for the Conference)
Second Class Cadet Alex Rennie
Second Class Cadet Kelly Campbell
Second Class Cadet Jack Hamel
Second Class Cadet Jack Hall
Third Class Cadet Peter Driscoll
Third Class Cadet Ben Lesniak

During this conference the club bested much larger delegations; many of which require conference participation as a graded portion of a full credit course within their government curricula (ex. University of Washington, Washington State University, California State University, etc).

Club members along with their advisors, Dr. Ginger Denton and Lt. Cmdr. Ryan Chevalier, are extremely excited about this award as it builds on a number of individual awards garnered over the last two years of competition, said Denton. The conference officials specifically recognized the academy delegation during the closing ceremonies for the impressive unity of effort and leadership displayed by the U.S. Coast Guard Academy delegates across multiple councils, committees and the General Assembly. The team is looking forward to its next opportunity to embrace greatness at a conference this January in Montreal.

Club members and advisors said the Model United Nations club is grateful for the support of the Department of Humanities chain of command as well as the financial support and championship of Cmdr. Jim Sylvester and the U.S. Coast Guard Academy Alumni Association.

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