Coast Guard Academy completes investigation into honor violations

academyNEW LONDON, Conn. – The U.S. Coast Guard Academy released the following statement today.

“A recent investigation involving cadets and potential violations of the Academy Honor Concept has been completed. The allegations specifically involved violations of the collaboration policy within the Ships and Maritime Systems class during the 2015 fall semester.

We are greatly disappointed in the behavior of the cadets implicated in this investigation and the poor decisions they made. Our cadets are taught from the day they arrive that violations of the honor concept will not be tolerated and that their choices have consequences. Those who misbehaved face various punishments including restriction, marching tours, work hours, and a lengthy honor remediation program. Three cadets have been recommended for disenrollment.

In situations like this one it is the job of Academy leadership to determine whether each accused cadet’s actions are an opportunity for learning, or if their misconduct is serious enough to keep them from serving successfully as Coast Guard officers. The process for adjudicating an honor violation is methodical and deliberate and involves a thorough investigation to determine the facts of the case.

The objective of the honor concept and the scope of honor training, which includes military professionalism, academic and athletic codes of conduct is woven into every aspect of cadet life at the Coast Guard Academy. The entire cadet experience is designed to develop a culture of honorable conduct that follows cadets into their careers as military officers.”

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