Oil leak cleanup and recovery complete for Shell Wharf leak

cg-D11MARTINEZ, Calif. — Response crews completed the on-water cleanup and recovery of oil from a leak at the Shell Martinez Wharf Thursday afternoon.

Overflight and shoreline assessments made throughout the response continue to show no impact to the shoreline or wildlife, including no impact to the Martinez Marina or nearby marsh.

Absorbent boom deployed for the response is in the process of being removed.

“This has been a robust response with outstanding cooperation,” said Lt. Cmdr. Rhianna Macon, Coast Guard Sector San Francisco, Deputy Incident Commander, Unified Command. “Now that the external response and recovery phase is complete, the public can expect to see much less activity along the water. Shell, with initial federal and state oversight, will focus on transitioning back to regular refinery operations.”

“We would like to thank the local residents and neighbors for their patience while we implemented a comprehensive response. We appreciate all of the outstanding men and women involved for working at the speed of safety,” said Dennis Lines, Shell Martinez Refinery, Deputy Incident Commander, Unified Command. “The safety focus has been to the high standard that the community demands and deserves.”

“We are very pleased to report no impact to the shoreline or wildlife, and appreciate the time it takes to make a thorough assessment,” said Todd Ajari, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Deputy Incident Commander, Unified Command. “Protecting the environment has been a key objective of this response from the very start.”

In addition to absorbent boom, other assets such as skimmers and a helicopter for aerial assessments were deployed. This was done to both assist with the cleanup and as a precaution to guard against any potential impact.

The Unified Command consists of representatives from Shell, U.S. Coast Guard and CDFW.

An investigation into the cause of the leak is underway.

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