Cleanup of Jones Beach Oil Continues

NEW YORK—Cleanup crews estimate a total of 500 gallons washed up on a two and-a-half mile section of Long Beach near Jones Beach, N.Y., as multiple agencies began cleanup operations at 7 a.m. today.

More than 70 people from multiple agencies including the Coast Guard, New York Department of Environmental Conservation, (DEC) and the Miller Environmental Group are working together on Atlantic Beach near Genesee Blvd. and Ocean Pkwy. to cleanup an oil spill reported yesterday by local surfers at 11 a.m.

Coast Guard Sector New York and Coast Guard Sector Long Island Sound are gathering oil samples from all vessels transiting to and from the port of New York and New Jersey within the estimated time frame to match the source of the pollution.

Using the automatic identification system, (AIS) a system similar to a short range GPS that works over a radio frequency, the Coast Guard will attempt to track down the various vessels in the area of the Ambrose Anchorage during the spill.

“The AIS can tell us where the vessels were, at what time, what speed they were making and what course they were on,” said Jason Dailey, Vessel Traffic Services watch supervisor.

Self-propelled vessels over 65-feet are required by law to have an AIS installed on their vessel, which keeps a log of AIS and radar contacts.

“Were here with the local response agencies to minimize the impact to the environment and get this oil cleaned up,” said Lt. William Grossman, the incident commander for the oil spill.

Police Departments from Nassau County, and Atlantic Beach, as well as representatives from the Village of Atlantic Beach, City of Long Beach and the Town of Hempstead have offered assistance in the cleanup.

The Coast Guard continues to investigate the incident.

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