Clean up efforts for Tacoma oil spill continue

SEATTLE – Cleanup efforts for the 435-gallon diesel fuel spill continue this evening in Tacoma, Wash., at the Port of Tacoma’s Pier 25.

Previously, the amount of diesel fuel released into the water was estimated at 380 gallons, and is now confirmed to be approximately 435 gallons.

A unified command, consisting of representatives from the Coast Guard, the Washington Department of Ecology and Trident Seafoods, was established to manage response and cleanup efforts.

Those efforts will continue throughout the night as crews from the National Response Corporation Environmental Services (NRCES) lay out double boom around the spill area. Earlier today, the on-scene contractor responded to reports of sheen outside the boomed area and collected as much as possible. At request of Unified Command, the contractor deployed protective booms around sensitive habitat at the mouth of the Hylebos Waterway off Marine View Drive.

Efforts will also focus on collecting and removing the smaller quantities of diesel fuel that gathered beneath the dock after the initial spill.

The spill occurred Monday evening when the fishing vessel Bowfin spilled fuel overboard while performing an internal transfer of diesel fuel. A protective boom, already in place around the Bowfin, helped contain the majority of spilled fuel.

The Coast Guard, Department of Ecology and Trident Seafoods are investigating the exact cause of the release. Unified Command will release a status update later this evening summarizing today’s activities.

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