Church creates song calling Coasties “faggots” who are condemned to hell

The Westboro Baptist Church released a press release on July 5th stating their intent to picket a Florida-based Coast Guard Air Station.

In the inflammatory extremist group’s news release they stated their visit would take place at USCG’s Clearwater Air Station on July 10th.

“We will come to Clearwater with God’s message — REPENT OR PERISH — and share our scriptural rendition of the song this doomed nation has written for the worship of her pervert-invested and managed Coast Guard,” said the statement.

The release also had a bizarre set of lyrics -mocking the Coast Guard- attached, entitled “Toast Guard.” The song ends in what is presumably a pirate-sounding “AARRRRGGGHHH.”

The song goes as follows:

Your Coast Guard efforts are in vain

Your god is all your sin

You claim that filthy flag is great;

This war you’ll never win!

The coasts you guard are leaking sieves

In spite of all your laws

You’ll never stop your enemy

Your enemy is God

(Chorus) So here is the Coast Guard Song of Doom

We sing to you today

The wrath of God is on this land

And He won’t go away

“Semper Faggots” is your guide

Your pride your honor, too

You fight with God, you go to hell

Aye! Coast Guard your God hates YOU!

(or you can say “Argh!” like a pirate)

CGAS Clearwater is the USCG’s largest and busiest air station, home to nearly 600 USCG personnel.

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