Chincoteague-based Coast Guard members held accountable for drug-related offenses

Mid Atlantic Coast Guard News
CHINCOTEAGUE, Va. — Seven Coast Guard personnel assigned to Chincoteague-based units were found to have committed drug-related offenses during administrative proceedings Monday.

An eighth Chincoteague-based member was found to have committed a drug-related offense Jan. 3 during a separate proceeding.

Members admitted to using prohibited substances following an investigation and were each held accountable.

“Today the individual cases of seven Coast Guard members accused of using prohibited substances underwent administrative proceedings, and it was found they violated the Uniform Code of Military Justice and Coast Guard policy,” said Capt. Christopher Keane, the deputy commander of Coast Guard Sector Hampton Roads. “This behavior is inconsistent with the Coast Guard mission and core values.”

In late November, the Coast Guard received information alleging some Coast Guard members were using drugs or prohibited substances. The Sector Hampton Roads command immediately began an investigation into the allegations that concluded eight members being found in violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

The members included ranks from seaman apprentice (E-2) to petty officer first class (E-6) from the Sector Field Office, Aids to Navigation Team and Electronic Support Detachment units.

The members’ punishment included restriction, forfeiture of pay and reduction in paygrade.

Furthermore, Coast Guard policy states members will be processed for discharge by reason of misconduct if involved in drug incidents, including intentional use and wrongful possession of drugs.

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