CGNews Tip: Damaged Chinese Vessel Tong Cheng Carrying Ammunition

Well this certainly just got interesting. According to this article from the Honolulu Advertiser, it appears the Tong Cheng is carrying ammunition to an unnamed Caribbean Island, possibly Cuba. The crew is being evasive about what’s on board and where it was headed.

Damaged ship carrying ammo – The Honolulu Advertiser

A ship owned by the People’s Republic of China that made an unscheduled stop in the port of Honolulu to repair a crack in its hull is carrying an unspecified type of ammunition, the U.S. Coast Guard said yesterday.

High-ranking officials from the Coast Guard and the U.S. Department of Customs and Border Protection now are conferring with the U.S. State Department on what to do with the damaged ship and its cargo, officials said.

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