CGC Polar Sea Tows USNS Paul Buck in Antarctica

MCMURDO, ANTARCTICA – The Coast Guard Cutter Polar Sea successfully towed the Naval Ship Paul Buck from the ice pier in McMurdo Sunday.

The USNS Paul Buck had been in Antarctica delivering fuel stores for personnel working at McMurdo Station. Upon completion of the operation, CGC Polar Sea was needed to assist the tanker in safely leaving the pier.

The Coast Guard Cutter Polar Seas does a stern to stern tow of the USNS Paul Buck in Anarctica

Though towing evolutions are rare for the cutter, the stern-to-stern tow was a success.

The departure of the Paul Buck signified the halfway point in the resupply evolution. A few hours after her departure, the cargo vessel, American Tern, arrived in McMurdo to unload containers of supplies for the station.

Operation Deep Freeze 2007 will be complete for the Polar Sea once the American Tern has completed its operation and safely departed Antarctica. The crew of the Polar Sea will then make their way back to their home in Seattle, making port calls in Australia and Hawaii along the way.

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