CGC Midgett Returns to Seattle After Six Month Patrol

SEATTLE – The Coast Guard Cutter Midgett will return to Seattle Friday after a six month deployment overseas.

The Midgett worked with the BOXER Expeditionary Strike Group and conducted law enforcement operations in the Caribbean during its around-the-world journey.

Midgett is a 378-foot high endurance cutter whose primary missions are maritime law enforcement, home land security and national defense. It deployed with the strike group and conducted exercises and professional exchanges with several foreign countries including the annual Malabar Exercises with India and professional exchanges with Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Djibouti, Yemen, Jordan, and Pakistan.

Midgett also worked for Central Command and Coalition Task Force 150 to support maritime security operations in waters off the Horn of Africa, the Gulf of Oman, the Gulf of Aden, the Arabian Sea and the Red Sea and passed through the Suez and Panama Canals during the trip.

Captain Lee Alexander, Commanding Officer for the Midgett, expressed pride in his crew with their performance while assigned to the Strike Group and operating with Central Command.

“The sustained performance of this crew and the steadfast support from their families represent America’s strength and resolve at its best,” said Capt. Alexander.

The Midgett and crew will enjoy some well deserved time off then begin an aggressive in-port maintenance period in preparation for their next mission later this year.

A video of the Midgett passing through the Panama Canal is posted to the Coast Guard lens on Squidoo.

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