Casino Cruise Ship Cited for Safety Violations

PORT CANAVERAL, Fla. – The Coast Guard has not renewed the certificate of inspection for a Port Canaveral-based casino cruise ship today due to numerous safety deficiencies.

The 308-foot Surfside Princess, a U.S. flagged vessel owned by Sun Cruz Casinos, will not be allowed to embark passengers until the crew has fixed all of the safety deficiencies and the vessel’s certificate of inspection is renewed. No U.S. flagged passenger vessel may operate without a valid certificate of inspection issued by the Coast Guard.

The casino cruise ship was cited for 24-safety deficiencies after an annual safety inspection by the Coast Guard. Four of those deficiencies marine inspectors called major and included a 20- to-50-gallon per minute leak in the ship’s main engine coolant system, a leak in the ship’s fire main that was running on an electrical panel, one of the ship’s fire pumps was inoperable and discrepancies with the vessel’s fire screen doors.

Coast Guard marine inspectors conduct routine and random safety inspections of passenger vessels, foreign and domestic, operating in U.S. waters. This vital mission helps insure that passengers aboard these vessels are safe and helps prevent any causalities from occurring.

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  1. Joy says:

    Could anyone tell me how long it may take for the SunCruz Casino in Port Canaveral, Florida to correct its safety violations and embark passengers again? Thank you.