Captain of the Port sets condition ZULU in anticipation for Hermine

300 HermineMOBILE, Ala. – The Coast Guard urges mariners and members of the maritime community in the path of Tropical Storm Hermine to prepare and follow instructions from local authorities.

Hermine is anticipated to make landfall within 12 hours. Coast Guard surface units have been removed from the water or into safe harbor. Soon, Coast Guard air units will no longer fly for missions until the safe passage of the storm.

Mariners are reminded that Coast Guard response becomes increasingly degraded as Hermine approaches.  Coast Guard search and rescue operations will resume when safe after the storm passes.

Visit for more information on Tropical Storm Hermine and its projected path.

The captain of the port has set condition ZULU for Panama City, Florida. During this port condition the port will remain closed to all incoming and outgoing vessel traffic until directed by the captain of the port.

The captain of the port will set condition WHISKEY when the storm has passed and begin reopening to vessel traffic.


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