Captain of the Port revises Port Condition modified YANKEE for commercial traffic, in South Florida

Southeastern Coast Guard NewsMIAMI — Effective 3 p.m. Monday, Coast Guard Captain of the Port, Capt. Chris Scraba, revised post-storm condition modified YANKEE for commercial traffic in the Port of Miami, Miami River, Port Everglades, and Port of Palm Beach.

During post-storm condition modified YANKEE, the following operations are authorized by the Captain of the Port:

Designated anchorage areas are open for use.

All land side port, terminal, and facility operations are authorized to assume normal operations.

All commercial vessel operations are authorized to operate with the following limitations:

  • While operating in Port Miami, Port Everglades, Port of Palm Beach and their associated entrance channels, vessels requiring pilots must use a minimum of two assist tugs with appropriate horsepower, as jointly agreed upon by the pilot and master. This includes transiting from the pier to the sea buoy or from the sea buoy to the pier.
  • Vessel masters and pilots shall thoroughly review the radar and weather forecast prior to making way to ensure safe transit during clear weather windows and shall avoid operating in winds greater than 35 mph and through feeder bands from Tropical Storm Isaac.

The ports and waterways will open to normal operations once winds and seas have dissipated from Tropical Storm Isaac feeder bands, estimated to be 10 p.m., Monday.

Miami-Dade County bridges are authorized to remain in the closed position until wind gusts have subsided below 34 knots except for emergency vessel operations. All remaining bridges in Captain of the Port Miami zone are operational.

The public is reminded to notify the National Response Center at (800) 424-8802 of any sunken vessels, pollution in the water, suspicious activity, and unsafe conditions. For inquiries regarding local cruise ship schedules, please contact the individual cruise lines.

The Captain of the Port may be reached at (305) 535-4472, or via Channel 16 VHF FM Marine Radio through Coast Guard Sector Miami.

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