Cape Cod Coast Guard officer diagnosed with H1N1 flu virus

BOSTON – The Center for Disease Control confirmed today that a local Coast Guardsman stationed at the Port Security Unit 301 in Cape Cod, Mass., tested positive for the H1N1 flu virus.

The lieutenant began showing flu-like symptoms April 23 after returning from training in San Diego, Calif., and went to the Otis Air Base medical clinic in Cape Cod. The clinic diagnosed the 33-year-old with influenza, but was unable to determine if it was the H1N1 virus and sent the test to the CDC for analysis.

The Coast Guardsman has been sick-in-quarters and isolated in an effort to prevent the spread of the virus.

Several other service members that attended the training and were in close contact with the lieutenant were also tested for the virus. All of their results are negative for the virus and none of them have shown any symptoms.

“As of today, the lieutenant is feeling much better” said Cdr. Paul Smith, the commanding officer of PSU 301. “He passed through the worst of it by Monday, but has remained on a ‘sick-in-quarters’ status as a precautionary measure. He is eager to get back to training and our medical staff expects he will return to duty over the weekend.”

“Naturally, when one of our shipmates becomes ill, we are concerned for his health,” said Lt. Dan Orchard, the engineering officer of PSU 301. “We’ve trained together for a long time and haven’t seen him in more than a week. We’re very eager for his return and glad he’s feeling better.”

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