Cape and southern MA ports reopen after Hurricane Sandy

Northeast Atlantic Coast Guard NewsBOSTON — Subsequent to the passing of Hurricane Sandy, all waterways within Coast Guard Sector Southeastern New England, with the exception of Pt. Judith and Block Island, have been opened by the Captain of the Port.

The ports of Pt. Judith and Block Island, R.I., remain closed to vessel traffic until the Coast Guard completes surveys and assessments of those waterways. Changes to the status of these waterways will be announced via subsequent Marine Safety Information Bulletins and news releases.

Ferry service to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket has been re-established.

Mariners are advised, however, to use extra caution when navigating waterways just after a major storm such as Hurricane Sandy. Due to high winds and associated flooding and strong currents, floating aids to navigation may be extinguished, off-station, missing, or otherwise not operating properly. Buoys may be partially submerged and/or misleading as to day beacon, color characteristics and numerical marking. Sound signals on aids may be inoperative. Fixed aids to navigation may be destroyed. Large debris in abundance may be present in the waterways.

As always, any vessel casualties, pollution, or any incidents that may affect navigable waterways should be reported to Coast Guard Sector Southeastern New England command center via VHF channels 16 or 22, or via phone at (508) 457-3211.

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