Auxiliarists present commemorative chart table to Station Milford Haven

HUDGINS, Va. – On Wednesday, three Coast Guard Auxiliarists assembled a chart table they built for Coast Guard Station Milford Haven in honor of the 70-year working relationship between the Coast Guard and the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

This American craftsman-style chart table took auxiliarists Robin Wells, John Mill, and Ron Simon approximately 800 man-hours to build.

“We had an old, steel chart table – not very nautical,” said Chief Petty Officer Matthew Welsh, officer in charge of the station. “This new table will remain part of the station forever – it will be here long after we’re all gone. It’s something the station crew can be proud of and something the auxiliary can be proud of.”

“This table commemorates the value of Team Coast Guard, the Auxiliary and Coast Guard working together,” Welsh said. “We want the auxiliary to know they’re appreciated.”

The auxiliary plays a major role in operations at the station and within its area of responsibility, Welsh said. A group of auxiliarists work along with the station and provide assistance when necessary. They keep a boat and crew at the station on standby during busy weekends, and they provide chefs from the Auxchef program to help feed the station’s crew.

Auxiliarists also stand regular watches at the station, allowing crewmembers time to keep up with training and operational requirements.

“We couldn’t do our job without them,” Welsh said.

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