ATC Mobile Crew Completes Training On New HC-144A

The first crew from Coast Guard Aviation Training Center Mobile completed its training flights on the HC-144A, the official designation issued by the Air Force, in Seville, Spain on Dec. 14.

In addition to ground school and flight training, Coast Guard crew members also received loadmaster, airframe and power plant training, engine run training, and electronics and avionics training. Other crew members include Lt. John Pack, Lt. Te-Ali Coley, AMTC Berry Freeman and Coast Guard test pilot Lt. Robert Barthelmes.

“It has been a pleasure learning to fly the HC-144A with its docile flight characteristics, simple mechanical systems, and state-of-the-art avionics suite which provides incredible situational awareness and ease of operation,” said Cdr. Nash. “Its wide array of automated safety and surveillance systems and built-in mechanical redundancy will help avert potential mishaps, while it’s roomy cockpit and quiet, comfortable cabin are ideal for the seven- to 10-hour surveillance missions the aircraft will be performing.

“Also impressive,” added Cdr. Nash, “are the aircraft’s low-speed handling characteristics, and the outstanding visibility from the large cockpit windows and cabin bubble windows, features that will prove crucial in performing surveillance and search-and-rescue missions.”

The second aircraft is now in flight testing and third will soon complete production.

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