Assessment of Drift River Terminal continues

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Drift River Terminal has been unaffected by the lahars generated from morning eruptions of Redoubt Volcano today. The tank farm remains free of mud and debris and no oil has been released.??

The previous lahar generated Monday deposited mud around the terminal hangar and the landing strip. Some sediment laden water lapped over the tertiary tank containment dike in isolated spots but did not intrude on the secondary containment.

Some water appears to have made it into some of the industrial buildings that house offices, equipment and pumps. The deposits served to direct the latest lahar away from the facility.

The Coast Guard and the Alaska Dept. of Environmental Conservation are working cooperatively with Cook Inlet Pipe Line Company to assess the situation at Drift River.

Plans are moving forward to have Cook Inlet Spill Prevention and Response Inc. conduct soundings in the vicinity of the terminal’s oil load-out platform to ensure vessel traffic can operate safely.

The facility remains shutdown. A Cook Inlet Pipe Line Company crew visited the facility Tuesday to conduct surveys of the dike system and the tank farm. Crews restored power to the facility but did not remain overnight. Currently 148,000 barrels (6.2 million gallons) of Cook Inlet crude oil are located in two of the seven tanks that occupy the Drift River tank farm. That is well below the tanks’ maximum capacity of 277,000 barrels each.

Redoubt volcano first erupted Monday prompting the initial shutdown and evacuation of the terminal. Coast Guard, Alaska Dept. of Environmental Conservation and Cook Inlet Pipe Line Company personnel in concert with the Alaska Volcano Observatory have been monitoring the Drift River Terminal since Redoubt’s initial signs of activity in January.

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