ANT Kennewick installs experimental LED system on Columbia River

USCG Pacific Northwest blog reports that:
The waters of the Columbia River were glassy and calm Wednesday as members of Aids to Navigation Team Kennewick, Wash., installed an experimental, new, self-contained LED light into an ATON platform.

The new lights are being tested by the Coast Guard throughout various regions of the U.S. and require no external battery or wiring. Testing of the lights will take three to four years while the Coast Guard measures the durability and reliability of the device.

“The system is all based on LED, Light Emitting Diodes,” said Chief Gary Hurdle, Commanding Officer of ANT Kennewick. “They’re supposedly more efficient, and more reliable. That’s what the testing hopes to prove, anyway.”

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  1. Would like to know the name of the company that supplied the LED equipment for the Kennewick ATON experimental installation.

  2. cgnews says:

    Try contacting District 13 Public Affairs, they may be able to find out.

  3. The Lantern in question is a CRSE LED SELF-CONTAINED MARINE LANTERN. The Coast Guard Purchased 60 of these lanterns for field test and evaluation. These are intended as replacements for 155mm red and green lanterns currently using 0.55 and 0.77 AMP Lamps. 15 of these went to Ant Kennewick for installation. They should have them all installed in the field by the first of the year.

    “This is an official United States Coast Guard posting for the public’s information. Our posting does not endorse this site or anything on it, including links to other sites, and we disclaim responsibility and liabilty for the site and its content”

  4. cgnews says:

    Thank you for stopping by and answering Mr. Dalzell’s question.