Ambulance Crash Leads to Pollution Investigation

TAMPA (CGNews) – An ambulance crash at Tampa General Hospital on Davis Island has led to a Coast Guard pollution investigation.

The ambulance struck a guardrail on the exti ramp leading to the hospital, which led to a liquid being spilled into Tampa Bay.  The Coast Guard was immediately called by the Tampa Police to determine what the liquid was, and the best way to clean it up.

There were no injuries in the accident.

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One Comment

  1. Dana Gillespie says:

    I was heading for home on Davis Island when I became stuck in the traffic that bottle-necked behind that accident on the Island-bound bridge.

    What a surprise to see that it was an abulance that hit that divider on the bridge. That rail that divides the on-island ramp from the hospital-bound ramp is usually hit by late-night drunks. I’m glad to know that no one was hurt. My first thought, at the time, was the the ambulance may have been carrying a patient.