Alaska Ranger Board of Investigation Concludes Hearings in Boston

BOSTON — The Coast Guard and National Transportation Safety Board Marine Board of Investigation heard its last scheduled witness here this morning before adjourning the hearing phase of the investigation into the sinking of the Alaska Ranger.

During today’s hearing, the Marine Board of Investigation heard testimony from Michael Thomas, the primary service technician for the control system of the controllable pitch propeller system aboard the Alaska Ranger. The controllable pitch propeller system and why the Alaska Ranger was astern after losing power was again the topic of today’s hearing.

“I would say that loss of power to the hydraulic pumps is why the ship went astern,” said Thomas.

After Thomas’ testimony, the Marine Board of Investigation concluded its hearing.

The Marine Board of Investigation will now begin its analysis and deliberation phase of the investigation. If deemed necessary, the board will hold future hearings.

The public and media will be notified of future actions of the Marine Board of Investigation as they become available.

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