Air Station Detroit Rescues Man Who Fell From Grain Elevator

Monroe, Mich. – A Coast Guard HH-65C helicopter from Air Station Detroit medically evacuated a man, who reportedly fell from a grain elevator, in Monroe, Mich. at 9 a.m.

The helicopter, piloted by Lt. Mike Calderone and Lt. Sarah Wyne arrived on scene to evaluate the situation and communicate with emergency medical services personnel that were treating the individual. The flight mechanic, Petty Officer Travis Burlew lowered the rescue swimmer to the 250-foot rooftop to further evaluate the man.

With ground EMS unable to extract him, Petty Officer Derrick Ansley prepared him for helicopter transport.

The helicopter successfully hoisted the man via rescue litter and transported him to Toledo Hospital.

He is currently undergoing further treatment.

Source: USCG AirSta Detroit

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