Agencies monitoring sheen from sunken fishing vessel off San Juan Island

SEATTLE – The U.S. Coast Guard, Washington Department of Ecology and the Islands’ Oil Spill Association (IOSA) continue to monitor the area for oil spills where the fishing vessel Anna J capsized and sank about a half-mile south of Eagle Cove, San Juan Island, Friday evening.

The most recent fly-over at approximately noon today did not note any sheen in the water. A two-mile long, light-colored sheen was reported during a flight this morning. Small drops of diesel and other oil have been floating to the surface slowly.

The agencies have assessed the beach and have found no spill impact. Hazardous debris from the vessel have been retrieved.

At this time, the agencies will continue to monitor the situation and have another over-flight planned for first light Sunday morning. Wave action, wind and sunlight are helping dissipate the oil drops naturally with minimal environmental impact.

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