Agencies continue work aboard APL Peru

SEATTLE – The Coast Guard, Washington Department of Ecology, American President Line shipping company and the Seattle Fire Department (SFD) along with U. S. Customs and Border Protection will work through Friday and Saturday to monitor conditions aboard the cargo vessel APL Peru.

A smoldering fire was discovered in the vessel’s number five cargo hold shortly after its arrival to Terminal 5 on Harbor Island here at 2 p.m. Coast Guard and SFD members aboard the ship determined the smoldering is contained and there is no risk of the fire escaping the hold. Crews will work to pump additional carbon dioxide into the hold in order to smother what remains of the fire.

The crew of the APL Peru reported smoke and heated bulkheads in and around the ship’s number five cargo hold Sunday, Oct. 5, while transiting from Hong Kong.

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  1. Mirza Agha says:

    Local Ballard based Western Fire & Safety , a Marine Fire company worked their crew non-stop to complete recharging of over a 100 emptied CO2 Cylinders, and re-hookup of Fire System to afford continued protection to vessel according to GM Tanya Agha