Agencies address volcano effects on Drift River Terminal

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – The Coast Guard, Alaska Dept. of Environmental Conservation ADEC and Cook Inlet Pipeline Company CIPL are working to address the effects of the Mt. Redoubt activity on the Drift River Terminal today.

Six eruptions have been observed recently by the Alaska Volcano Observatory and lahars have resulted. The tank farm is intact and no lahars have breached the double containment surrounding the tanks. Initial indications are that the dikes performed as designed. Mud and debris have been sighted in the vicinity of the facility and the air strip.

The facility was shutdown and the eleven personnel evacuated by helicopter Monday. Two of the seven tanks at Drift River are in use at this time. Each tank contains about 74,000 barrels of crude oil. No release has been reported and no sheen was observed Monday afternoon by Coast Guard, ADEC and Alaska Volcano Observatory personnel on an over flight of the area. Additonal assessments of the terminal will be conducted.

Cook Inlet Spill Prevention and Response Inc. CISPRI has been put on stand by to respond to any release. They are located in Nikiski. No personnel are currently at the facility. Heavy equipment stored in the area appears to be untouched by lahars.

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