Advisory – Hudson River closures during bridge transit

NEW YORK – The following advisory concerns waterways closures during the Willis Avenue Bridge replacement span, scheduled to be loaded onto two barges at Port Coeymans, N.Y., on Monday, July 12, 2010. The two barges will transport the bridge span down the Hudson River to the Weeks Marine Yard in Jersey City, N.J. on July 13 and 14, 2010.

The following restrictions will be enforced during the noted time frames. The restrictions may be revised during the transit due to unforeseen conditions that may be encountered.

From 230 p.m., July 12 – 530 p.m. July 12: Coast Guard Cutter Ridley and an Albany County Marine Patrol asset will enforce a full Hudson River closure from between 42°28’42.100”N – 073°47’19.100”W (Hudson River Light – 191 LLNR 38865) and 42°29’11.692”N – 073°47°14.142”W (Hudson River LIGHT 193 LLNR 38875). No vessels are authorized to enter the zone during the bridge span transfer from shore to the Weeks barges. Once the bridge is secured to the barges and ready for sea, the Hudson River will be reopened for traffic.

From 530 p.m., July 12 – 530 a.m., July 13: Barges will be tied up along shore, and the Hudson River will be open to all traffic.

From 530 a.m., July 13 – 530 a.m., July 14: No vessels will be authorized to be within 100 yards of the two Weeks Marine barges with the loaded bridge span during this period. Vessels are required to transit at no-wake speed when meeting or overtaking the two Weeks Marine barges.

From 530 a.m., July 13 – 830 a.m., July 13: The bridge barge will be underway, southbound. Coast Guard Cutter Ridley will enforce a 14-mile closure to all commercial traffic. Recreational traffic will be permitted. The river will progressively re-open north of the moving bridge span. The barge will transit at an estimated 4-5 knots (Speed Over Ground).

From 830 a.m., July 13 – 245 a.m., July 14: The Hudson River will be open to all traffic once the barges meet at Light 129 (Green Brandow Point). Coast Guard Cutter Ridley and two boats will enforce a moving no-wake zone.

From 245 a.m., July 14 – 530 a.m., July 14: The barge will be expected to be in the vicinity of the George Washington Bridge. Two Coast Guard Station New York response boats with crews will arrive on scene to assist Coast Guard Cutter Ridley for the duration of the escort. There will be a ‘no meeting’ and ‘no overtaking’ zone during the 60-minute transit between the eastern and western sections of Anchorage Ground No. 19 on the Hudson River (directly south of the George Washington Bridge).

By 415 a.m., the barge is expected to be in the vicinity of the Holland Tunnel Vents. It is scheduled to be moored at Weeks Yard in Jersey City by 530 a.m.

Vessel Traffic Service for Sector New York will make periodic broadcasts on VHF 16 advising mariners to remain clear while the barges are being loaded, and to avoid the above areas during transit.

For additional information, please contact Mr. Jeff Yunker at 718-354-4195, or Lt. William George, 718-354-4114, Office of Waterways management

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