Admiral Papp Statement on Loss of Petty Officer Lin

Washington – Coast Guard Commandant Admiral Bob Papp released the following statement concerning the loss of Petty Officer Shaun Lin to the members of the Coast Guard today.

I am deeply saddened to report the loss of a shipmate resulting from an operational mishap.

On the night of 13 October, during a training evolution on the James River in Virginia, ME3 Shaun Lin of MSST New York fell into the water. After extensive and exhaustive searches by multiple Coast Guard units and other agencies, his remains were recovered on 14 October.

Petty Officer Lin stood the watch on the front lines, from his time aboard CGC Maui serving in the North Arabian Gulf to his assignment at MSST New York. He protected our nation from criminal and terrorist threats. Petty Officer Lins individual efforts are probably unknown to most people, but his selfless service continues to be highly valued by all Americans. His quiet professionalism, like that of so many others in our service, ensured we were always ready.

I commend our dedicated professionals that searched in hope of finding our shipmate alive. Their tireless efforts are the true embodiment of the principles of “Honor our Profession” and “Respect our Shipmates.”

As we shift focus towards providing care and compassion for the family of Petty Officer Lin and his closest shipmates, I ask each of you to keep Shaun, his family, and the crew of MSST New York in your thoughts and prayers.

Our investigative processes will help to pinpoint areas of possible concern. Pending outcomes of the Administrative Investigation and Mishap Analysis Board in this case, I ask you to avoid speculation regarding the factors contributing to this tragic mishap. We will share the results of these investigations when they become available.

Our duties will always entail dangerous work in challenging environments. However, we must remain absolutely committed to the safety of our shipmates – a responsibility that belongs to each of us as members of the Coast Guard Family.

Adm Bob Papp, Commandant

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