Admiral Allen, You Have A Problem

Is the Coast Guard knowingly shielding a a fugitive from justice? Why are senior Coast Guard officials preventing the transfer of an active duty member to civilian custody to serve a three year prison sentence? Why have senior Coast Guard officials basically stonewalled members of Congress who have asked the same questions? At 6:00 a.m. today, Coast Guard Report published a timeline of the events, including the answers to the big three questions. Who knew about it, When did they know about it, and What did they know. I urge everyone who reads Coast Guard News to read this.

Having read well over a dozen reports since July 1st, on more than one blog, I am appalled at the actions of not only the petty officer involved, but of his superiors at both the local, unit/Sector level, and Headquarters level.

I once served proudly in the Coast Guard. Now, after the numerous noose incidents, where no-one was ever caught and held accountable, with commanding officers having inappropriate relationships with their female enlisted personnel, with a high endurance cutter Commanding Officer assaulting and enlisted man, I am ashamed of what the Coast Guard leadership has become.

I am still proud of the enlisted men and women of the Coast Guard, with a few exceptions such as you’ll find in the Coast Guard Report timeline, but for the most part they are a great group of people serving a nation that takes them for granted. Unfortunately, they also seem to serve an officers corp that has forgotten the the Coast Guard’s core values of honor, respect, and devotion to duty. For that reason I say, Admiral Allen, you have a problem.

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