A Rescuer’s Story: Message in a Bag Saves the Day

Your Great Lakes Coast Guard, the Ninth Coast Guard District blog has an incredible story by Lt. Dave French about Saturdays rescue of 134 fisherman on western Lake Erie.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to face a potential mass casualty like the recent ice rescue of 134 fishermen trapped on a floe in western Lake Erie Feb. 7, 2009? How would you communicate the dangers to those in trouble? How would you get all those people safely off the ice?

Below is an email I got from Lt. Sarah Wyne, an aircraft commander from Air Station Detroit, who responded to Saturday’s case. It’s a story about the men and women who put themselves at risk to save others, and touches on the skills and characteristics that make Coast Guard men and women true Guardians.

The following words and photos are from Lt. Wyne, aircraft commander of CG6522:

Visit Your Great Lakes Coast Guard for the complete story.

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