Coast Guard announces rebuilding of Ewing Island Reef Danger Daybeacon

d13SEATTLE — The Coast Guard will commence the reconstruction of Ewing Island Reef Danger Daybeacon during the month of April.

The structure will be built by the Coast Guard near the southeastern edge of the reef, offshore of Sucia Island in the San Juan Islands and will replace the floating aid to navigation known as the Ewing Island Reef Danger Buoy.

The new structure will display a diamond shaped white dayboard, with an orange border, and the words DANGER REEF.

Ewing Reef is a hazard to navigation that is often awash or submerged during high tides. The movement of the aid to navigation structure to the rock itself will provide increased visibility to mariners and precisely mark the shoals for the boating public.

As a reminder, the Coast Guard publishes, and makes available for the public, a weekly Local Notice to Mariners. The Local Notice to Mariners is a publication that lists conditions of aids to navigation, and announcements for waterway safety.

All Local Notice to Mariners, Light List, and other navigational information can be found on the Coast Guard’s website at:

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