5 Questions With Jennifer and Amber – Waiting for Ships to Come In

Another in our series of interviews with the men and women who blog about the U.S. Coast Guard.

This week we hear from Jennifer and Amber, two of the contributors to “Waiting for Ships to Come In…”. Their motto is “One big Coast Guard family. A few classy dames. One quirky blog.” Waiting for Ships to Come In looks at the life of 7 Coast Guard wives, and offers an insightful look into the joys and sorrows of being married to a Coast Guardsman.

Here’s 5 questions with Jennifer and Amber.

1. Why did you first start blogging about the Coast Guard?

Jennifer: There is a multitude of blogs that currently exist concerning military spouse life. However, one thing we hadn’t found yet was a blog of collective stories representing the ‘Coast Guard Wife’ life, if you will. There are so many interesting aspects of our lives and funny happenings that I thought it would be great to start one. A lot of spouses and significant others can relate to what write about.

Amber: Well, I first started because Jenny told me about her vision. In addition to bringing more awareness to the Coast Guard, it’s a wonderful outlet for me as a military wife. There are a lot of days that I feel completely overwhelmed and like no one understands. The truth is, there are PLENTY of other people that understand and experience the same struggles and frustrations – as well as joy and pride – and it’s important to make sure that other wives realize they’re not alone. The feelings are real, and it’s perfectly okay to feel that way.

2. What is your vision for Waiting for ships to come in?

Jennifer: We plan to continue to share our stories and develop a relationship with returning readers who can appreciate our anecdotal tales, our triumphs, our moments of sadness and the like. Of course, we are not limiting ourselves, and intend to get our own talk show within the next year. ?All kidding aside, we are in the early days of our blog, and are still mapping out where we are going to take things. As we grow, we will keep our readers informed.

Amber: All kidding aside nothing! I’m shopping for my suit now. I’ve got to look good when we meet Matt Lauer! Honestly, we are working together to reach out to as many people as we can. Right now we’re taking it one day at a time, really enjoying having the outlet to write, and are excited to be receiving feedback from readers.

3. What kind of reaction have you received from Coast Guard community, either officially or unofficially?

Jennifer: The feedback we have received to date has been fantastic. People seem to be accepting our blog and relating to it, which as I’ve said before is our primary goal. To my knowledge, no official reaction has come down, and that is fine as we do not claim to have any sponsorship or endorsement from the Coast Guard. That being said, the blog will strive to uphold values and standards so as to represent the Coast Guard family as an honorable one.

Amber: The community of spouses that have read the blog or have heard about it seem very enthusiastic, thus far. I think that any time there is an opportunity to see the Coast Guard recognized or featured, it makes us all stand a little taller and really own that sense of pride and appreciation for the men and women that serve.

4. Although Waiting for ships to come in is just over a month old, you have 9 contributors. Why so many and how did the contributor list grow so rapidly?

Jennifer: The contributors are actually 7 writers. Two of the names were additional handles of two members and haven’t yet been deleted. I do apologize for the confusion. The contributor list was originally to be four writers. However, in developing this blog, it made more sense to us to have more writers for variety. We have spouses who come from all different walks of life. Some are enlisted spouses, and some are officer wives. Some spouses have children and others do not. In addition, quite a few of us are working out of the home, and a few are not. We are cuttermen’s wives, pilots’ wives, landlocked coasties’ wives, you name it. We are a diverse group and certainly do not fit one mold. In all honesty, it was hard keeping the contributor list below 10 because there are so many phenomenal wives out there.

Amber: It is interesting that we’re reaching out to a community that we see as “One big Coastie family.” The truth is that it takes a lot of different people to make a family. It’s important to us that everyone can feel represented. It’s also really interesting for a wife, like me, who is newer to the Coast Guard and the adventures that it has to offer to be able to read the experiences of the more experienced spouses.

5. Is there anything you would like to say to the readers of Coast Guard News?

Jennifer: We appreciate your taking the time to recognize us, especially with all of the fantastic Coast Guard related sites out there. We are going to be around for awhile and hope to expand into some exciting new areas. Thank you to Coast Guard News and for your readers who take the time to check out our blog!

Amber: Yes, thank you!

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  1. JulieAnn says:

    Thanks for interviewing them – I’ve been reading their blog, and it’s nice to “get to know them.” As a Coastie wife, I really appreciate it!

  2. cgnews says:

    I was glad to do it. As a former Coastie, I always find it interesting to get the wifes perspective on the Coast Guard life.