3 people rescued by AMVER vessel near Jamaica

Southeastern Coast Guard News 
MIAMI — Three people were rescued from a sinking vessel west of Jamaica after Seventh Coast Guard District’s Command Center watchstanders received a signal from a registered Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) Friday.

The 46-foot sailing vessel Palenque began sinking after striking a submerged object. The three people aboard the sinking vessel escaped to their life raft and awaited rescue.

The people aboard the Palenque were rescued by the crew aboard the motor vessel Cap Domingo, a registered vessel with the Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue System (AMVER).

“This situation could have turned into a huge tragedy if they were not there or able to respond,” said Coast Guard Petty Officer 1st Class Joseph Medina, an operations specialist with Seventh Coast Guard District.

AMVER is a program sponsored by the United States Coast Guard. It is a computer-based voluntary global ship reporting system that is used worldwide by search and rescue authorities to arrange for assistance to persons in distress at sea.

When a 406 MHz beacon signal is received, search and rescue personnel retrieve information from a registration database. Each 406 MHz beacons –has an identification code, transmitted when the beacons is activated. The code provides critical information about the registered boat and its owner – ensuring a more efficient search and rescue response. In the United States, EPIRB users are required by law to register their beacon 406 MHz Beacon Registration Database by logging on to:http://www.beaconregistration.noaa.gov/,  or by calling 1-888-212-SAVE. Users from other countries may register beacons in the national beacon registration database designated for their nation. If none is available, they may access the International Beacon Registration Database athttps://www.406registration.com/.

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