2 Local Fisherman Missing Off San Diego Coast

SAN DIEGO – The Coast Guard received a phone call this morning just before twelve O’Clock from the father of one of the fisherman. He reported that his son and his companion usually departed around 8 O’Clock at night to set there lobster pots on the outskirts of the San Diego bay. He hadn’t heard from his son this morning and started to get worried about 1000 this morning and called the CG shortly after. It was reported that they departed via a 12-14 ft skiff to set lobster pots and were last seen around 9 O’Clock last night by other fisherman in the area. The CG, Harbor Police and Coronado lifeguards immediately commenced a search to find the missing persons.

A body has been recovered and has yet to be identified. The CG, HARPOL and Coronado Lifeguards are continuing to search for the missing persons.

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