150 gallons of fuel, oil removed from grounded vessel

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SAVANNAH, Ga. – Coast Guard crews oversaw the removal of 150 gallons of fuel and engine oil from the fishing vessel Little D on the south tip of Jekyll Island, Ga., Sunday, effectively mitigating the potential for pollution.

The fishing vessel Little D lost engine power and ran aground early Saturday morning on the south tip of Jekyll Island.

The story of the rescue is available here.

After the crew was safely removed, the owner began taking steps to salvage the ship. Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit Savannah, Ga., worked with the owner to devise a plan for removal and possible pollution mitigation.

After an extended period of time MSU Savannah concluded the owner did not have the capability to mitigate the potential hazard. Steps were immediately taken to hire Moran Environmental Recovery, an oil spill response organization. Tide cycles and difficult weather made mitigation too hazardous at the time so it was halted until Sunday.

Upon arrival Sunday morning, MSU Savannah discovered the vessel had severely deteriorated. The stern had been completely washed away and the vessel was also listing heavily to its port side. Under the direction of MSU Savannah, Moran Environmental sounded and emptied three fuel tanks, boomed the vessel, and placed sorbent pads onto engine oil to retrieve product. Several batteries and 150 gallons of product were removed from the vessel.

The Coast Guard is committed to protecting the marine environment and helps to do so by mitigating potential for pollution following boating accidents.

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