Coast Guard Rescues Four from Capsized Boat

MIAMI — A Coast Guard rescue crew from Station Fort Lauderdale, Fla., pulled four people to safety after their 17-foot recreational vessel capsized off Haulover Inlet, Fla., Saturday afternoon.

Miguel Romas, 51, Lazaro Ramos, 45, Oel Ruiz, 38, and Zoel Llorens, 26, residents unknown, were about a mile outside of the inlet when their vessel unexpectedly capsized and leaving the four survivors in the water.

A good Samaritan notified the Coast Guard using a VHF radio. The rescue crew from Fort Lauderdale launched their 33-foot SPC-LE vessel and safely recovered each person and transferred them to Miami-Dade Fire Rescue.

Sea Tow also responded and was able to salvage the capsized vessel and tow it to Haulover Marina.

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