CGNewsTip: The Ancient Consigliere?

Who knew there was an Ancient Consigliere? Or is there?

I just received an email from Peter Stinson over at Tidewater Musings tipping me to a new story on his site.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, 5 February 2007.[photo] Ms. Chris Wehrenberg and Captain Joseph Re, both of the Coast Guard’s Office of Performance Management & Decision Support, presented Neal B. Thayer, an organizational performance consultant assigned to the Thirteenth Coast Guard District in Seattle, Washington, with a plaque designating him the Coast Guard’s Ancient Consigliere. The Ancient Consigliere is an award similar to the Coast Guard’s Ancient Mariner for cutter personnel or the Ancient Albatross for aviators; the Ancient Consigliere is the organizational performance consultant who has the longest continuous tenure.

You really should go read the whole thing.

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